Printable Bitcoin Sign

How it Works

Login to your account and print off a Bitcoin sign which contains your Bitcoin address and QR code.

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When a customer wants to pay with Bitcoin just have tell them the amount in Thai Baht and tell them to pay to the sign. You will receive an Email, an SMS and also their payment will appear in your CoinPay account within a few seconds.


When using the printable sign the amount you receive in THB may be slighly different from the amount requested, due to different customers using different exchange rate tickers and CoinPays exchange rate spread.

Normally the difference will only be a few baht, so you may ask the customer to pay 236 THB, and the amount you receive in the SMS is 233.59 THB; this is normal for this printed sign service.

If you feel the customer has not paid enough just ask them to pay the additional amount to the sign.

If you require to receive an exact amount of Thai Baht please use our mobile app on a phone or tablet instead.

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If you are selling high value, non-retrievable items you should wait for a second SMS informing you that the payment has been confirmed; this will take average of 30 minutes.

Think of the first SMS as a credit card payment notification, and the second SMS as money hitting your bank account.

Printable Bitcoin Sign

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